Our projects are mainly linked to architecture, communication and theater and questions around space, relations, landscapes, communities, image, memory, visible, invisible, silence, language, gesture, surprise. We costume our projects with local interlocutors according to local needs and our mission and vision aiming to audience development, community empowerment, personal and collective well-being, artistic awareness, active citizenship.

We can export our projects collaborating with international organizations in English, Italian and Greek language.

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Theater and territory

Each territory is the bearer of visible and invisible resources of which Theater can become a sounding board since this art represents, not an invention, but an ancestral need for sharing experiences. Theater and territory projects are costumed together with local interlocutors (administrations, institutions, associations, etc.) according to local characteristics and needs. Abbicultura with the implementation of this type of projects aims to:

  • experience theater outside the traditional places of theater, in natural places; 
  • involve in the theatrical process non-professional actors who inhabit the territory, promoting audience development and active citizenship
  •  create a collective drammaturgy linked to the human and natural landscapes that we encounter, promoting awareness of historical memory and community empowerment

During the first phase of the theater workshop, participants come in contact with professional acting training and at the same time they experiment improvisations inspired by elements and themes of the local landscape. This first phase aims to the creation of a "collective body and mind" which identifies the questions around which we develop the drammaturgy, the artistic form that it will receive and any connections with other disciplines or territories. From the personal stories we try to arrive to a universal drammaturgic level that belongs and interests the whole community from which it is created and to which it is addressed. The project concludes a theatrical performance during which the spectators have an active role not only with the actors / actresses but also with the habitat (usually natural) in which the group chooses to carry out the performance. 

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Mapp.arte - community and identity

Mapp.arte is a social and artistic project of active citizenship which involves the entire population of the territories involved. The main objectives of the project are the creative narration of a place's cultural matrix and the awareness of citizens to an active and conscious social role. The project is composed of meetings that alternate activities between:

  • collective explorations of the inhabited area during which the participants are invited to think over their cultural heritage (material and immaterial), to interact with the rest of the population and to gather material regarding the historical memory of the territory (interviews, old photos, objects, curiosities etc.);
  • creative workshops during which the participants elaborate the gathered material so as to create a tourist map made by locals of the inhabited and the surrounding area. 

A public festive event concludes the project, during which the map is exhibited and the whole community is invited to suggest and propose modifications. After the final corrections, the experiential touristic map made by locals becomes an important tool for promoting the territory and it can be conveyed through different platforms.

The project was firstly experimented in the Municipality of Belvì from February to June 2016 and obtained the sponsorship of the Region of Sardinia and the collaboration of the Italian Youth Association for UNESCO. The second edition of the project was held in the Municipality of Aritzo from January to June 2017 and involved the IV class of the A.Maxia Technical and Commercial Institute of Aritzo.

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