Who we are

ABBICULTURA A.P.S. is a cultural association founded by young professionals from different disciplines and nationalities who have chosen to experiment and activate cultural projects in small centers, combining scientific, artistic and social research and creating connections with other local, national and international organizations.

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What do we do

Abbicultura A.P.S. is in constant dialogue with local actors (citizens, organizations, institutions) for the creation and realization of artistic projects which have a social impact; the organization of courses, workshops, festivals and events; the creation of both real and virtual narrative systems for our projects so as to make our activities visible and exportable.

Our mission

To explore the potential of art as an important catalyst for social change;

to recognize people as a community asset and to engage them in our activities as much as possible, aiming to audience development and to promote shared visions;

to experiment the engineering of exportable projects and experiences.

Our vision 

To open thinking, inspire minds, and stimulate imagination;

to bring people from ordinary to extraordinary;

to connect local communities with other regional, national and European communities.